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  • 2017 YAMAHA EF1000IS

    • Price:$1,129 + Taxes

    At just 13 kg, the EF1000iS portable inverter generator is the lightest in its class. It's highly efficient, running up to 12 hrs at 1/4 load on a single tank of fuel, and creates clean power that can be used to operate products with microcomputers.
  • 2017 YAMAHA EF2000IST - Parallel Ready

    • Price:$1,299 + Taxes

    Quiet, durable and convenient, the new Yamaha EF2000iST is designed for anyone seeking an ultra-portable source of electricity. The new "T" version, based on the popular EF2000iS, has the special ability to "twin" two units together. Weighing only 21 kg (46 lbs.) and featuring an extra-large handle for easy transport the EF2000iST is ready to deliver clean, quiet power wherever and whenever you want it. *Sale price of $1,299 valid until June 30, 2018*
  • 2017 YAMAHA EF2400ISHC

    • Price:$1,729 + Taxes

    The EF2400iSHC inverter generator brings the latest technology to Yamaha's line of rugged and efficient generators. It produces the highest output in its class. SOLD OUT MORE ON THE WAY!
  • 2017 YAMAHA EF3000ISE

    • Price:$2,549 + Taxes

    Despite its sizable power, the EF3000iSE is whisper-quiet, producing noise levels ranging from 54.5 to a maximum of 61 dB - and because it's mounted on four wheels, moving it around couldn't be easier. The Smart Throttle / Economy Control feature automatically adjusts engine speed to match the load, for greater fuel efficiency and reduced engine wear. Sale price of $2549 valid until June 30, 2018!
  • 2017 YAMAHA EF3000ISEB

    • Price:$2,749 + Taxes

    Need a little extra boost to help get the job done, opt for the EF3000iSEB. It's loaded with all the same great features as its counterpart and features Yamaha's exclusive Boost technology. High-quality electricity, wherever you need it. Sale price of $2749 valid until June 30, 2018!
  • 2017 YAMAHA EF4500ISE -

    • Price:$3,675 + Taxes

    Featuring the most powerful engine in its class, the EF45000iSE runs at a very low 2,600 rpm reducing fuel consumption, noise and engine wear. It's also incredibly resilient, with an oil warning system that automatically shuts the engine down when oil is low, and a cast-iron cylinder lining to ensure consistent performance. Sale price of $3675 valid until December 31, 2017
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